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VC Smile By Design Delhi – The Dental Clinic offers travelers like you from all over the world -Dental Tourism. The cost of dental treatment can be really expensive in some parts of the world. But fortunately countries like India offer world class dental treatment at much lower cost. So if you wish to travel to India getting treatment for your dental problems can be a double benefit.

Advantage India:World Class Dental Treatment At Much Lower Cost Than Your Home Country

Our dental equipment is imported from the USA/Europe thus assuring you high quality dental treatment. As an added advantage, the treatments are available at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country.

For example:
  • A simple white filling, which may cost you approximately 400 Euros in Europe, would be done for just around 30 Euros (approx) in India..
  • A root canal treatment, which costs approximately US$3000 in Europe or America, would cost just US$90-100 in India
Time Estimates For Some Basic Dental Treatments

Implants 2 visits generally required. The 1st visit entails up to 3 – 6 days and 2nd visit is scheduled after a span of 3-4 months(depending on which area are the implants placed). For the 2nd visit about a week’s duration is required.

Teeth Whitening Whitening treatment which requires only 1-2 hours for whitening in our clinic itself. We can alternatively prepare customized bleaching trays with bleaching gel which needs to be worn overnight for 7-9 nights for optimal results.

Crown and Bridge workMinimum stay of 1 week in India is essential. For veneers (ceramic / composite) work – 7 days minimum stay is required. For Bridges / Bridge work – 3 visits of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each would do.

Root canal treatment Two visits of 30 minutes each or a single sitting root canal treatment of an hour can also be done depending on the severity of the infection.

White filling 20-35 minutes on the spot treatment on an out patient basis. For bridges / bridge work – 3 visits of 30 – 45 minutes each.

How Do You Include Dental Care In Your Itinerary?

There are several ways to reach us, either through the internet or the telephone. You have the option of getting a preliminary dental consultation done by a dentist in your country. You can contact us through e-mail and send us the details of your problem so we can fix time and create treatment plan for you. This plan will include the cost of dental treatment and time for your holistic dental experience with us.